Capitol Hill

Deaf bastards
stand frozen; stoic
in ear-wax museums
who hear the cries
of the masses but
never listen
or care
rests upon
a foundation of
cigar-bars, prostitutes,
bribery, and handshakes.

© Literary Remains


I could never be saved
in the common verity
of salvation –
I am too uncultivated
for the sophisticates
of Abraham and his
cast of characters
as I watch them
drown in the gravy
of a world gone mad.

© Literary Remains

Spring Cleaning

They sit on my bookshelf –
still and silent
wedged between
a porcelain sparrow
with periwinkle wings
and a kaleidoscope;
Made in China. An array
of beautiful colors.” –
or so
the worn sticker
on the bottom says.

Not a word
is spoken between us –
as I dust off sparrows,
Plath, and Poe.

© Literary Remains