Mummer’s Midnight

Skyclad dance around fire —
her partner; the flames
dressed in amethyst
and indigo
sways to, fro,
tap tap tapping
of rhythmic drums —
the sister of the season
and her fire; moonlit soaked
in this, the mummer’s midnight.

© Literary Remains

14 thoughts on “Mummer’s Midnight”

  1. Just lovely, I have to ask, are you perchance from Newfoundland or have roots here at all? Mummers are a part of our history and lives here but not really well known beyond with the exception of some pockets of Great Britain I believe.


    1. Thank you kindly! 🙂 I have ties to some of the early Norse settlers in the area, but Mummers have been around much longer than that. They can be found throughout recorded history in ancient Egypt, in Greece, in Europe and elsewhere in the world. The Feast of Saturnalia, the British Mummer Play and the Florentine Carnival influenced today’s Mummery. When European immigrants from Scandinavia, from Britain and other parts of Europe, began arriving in the 17th Century, they brought their Mummer traditions with them. 🙂

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