Æthelred’s Massacre

Old wound scarred over one-eyed Odin
and Tyr who had lost his hand;
they witnessed the Valkyrie
in her gilded chariot
as she took her
warriors to

With long swords still sheathed,
the Danes drank mead
as their throats
were silenced
in slaughter;
no longer
able to
sing their Sagas.

Over a thousand years ago –
the field lay of dead warriors
as roots of elm pushed
through ribs
and skulls.
Blossoms thrived above
in spring — while in winter,
snow pressed weathered bones
and deeper
into the earth.

They rest in soil diminished and consecrated
from journeys they once undertook –
Now reposed without pain,
all that remains, are
sword-nicked bones
in the field
of their

© Literary Remains

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