The Divide

We barter ourselves
as the Left and Right
maneuvers to conquer —
nostrils flared with rage
motives oracle and secret
as rhetoric and reason
chokes one another
like anacondas.
Deceptions multiply
and grow fat like
garbage can
maggots —
Media instigates,
as the parties debate —
while passive ballot boxes
stand guard watching silently,
as we trade pots for kettles
and the lesser of evils.

© Literary Remains

14 thoughts on “The Divide”

  1. Your words accurately describe the painful divide that exists. All parties involved need to humble themselves before God. We need to cease keeping score because the only scorecard that counts is in the hands of our Lord.

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  2. Love ‘The Divide’ but i hate the divide that threatens to lead us farther from what it means to be human. its really disheartening to know that we’re out here endorsing anger towards one another and promoting ignorance by lying to one another. When will this ever stop?
    Hopefully before its too late.

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  3. Profound message and this is a cycle that won’t end. It will only be exacerbated as we allow the darker part of our humanity to consume us. Then again…I may be just a pessimist, but at the rate things are going, I see no avenue for hope…

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