8 thoughts on “Opinions”

  1. Speaking of opinion, I wonder if you think I’ll lose readers by experimenting with free verse? Only you and one other regular liked my post today and yesterday where I spread my wings and tried to fly. On the other hand, I’m not sure why I’ve gotten so many new readers yesterday and today. Confusing. Any thoughts?

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    1. I loved your free-verse! For me, it was like falling down into a rabbit hole with all the twists and turns of your unbridled words. I found myself reading faster and faster and becoming more engaged and hungry for each new word that followed. It certainly felt like a riff, full of motion and refrain.

      My opinion? I thought it was brilliant! But I’m one that likes to take risks in my writing and pretty much everything else in life. Readers will enjoy it, or not. Bottom line, if you write for yourself first… and do what feels ‘right’ for you, you can’t go wrong. 😉

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