Kardashians And Cadillacs

Watch boob-job and Botox faces melt
beneath the hot Los Angeles sun
while the poor live
and die
on slaughterhouse streets
as hope hangs from
a ceiling hook
to be butchered.

Blessed are the poor:
they forgo the riches
full of empty people.

© Literary Remains

20 thoughts on “Kardashians And Cadillacs

  1. The buildup to the two shortest lines is remarkable, accenting your heaviest messages with a note of stark finality despite the poem’s continuation. It feels like a crescendo despite the steadily shortening length of the first four lines, then again with five through nine.

    Even better is the poem ending with a blessing upon the blighted, a note of damnation upon those whose lives are supposedly “full”. Beautifully crafted.

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