Message In A Bottle

Above my head; the sky
where the moon goes to nest at midnight
and sunset leaps the void at last
to make a single beam of light
upon the water.

To my right; the sea
where she silently curls up on pillows
of white briny foam
glowing with

To my left; the wall
where barnacles and urchins
cling desperately to the rocks
despite the waves, wind,
and storms.

Below my feet; the sand
where the vibrations of the sea can be felt
and every grain has a story to be told
of others who walked here
before me.

Before my eyes; a shooting star
where the palpable soul of heaven
is a witness to the last breath
of twilight and first
shivers of dawn.

In my hand; a glass bottle
where I place the shooting star
launching my wishes that remain
whether in dreams or reality
to be delivered by the sea.

© Literary Remains

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