The Beginning

Before we are born, we are pure energy. We are more than a random cosmic accident and casual cohesion of particles. Each of us has a unique fingerprint, yet we are all of the same body of the Universe, and our uniqueness is what gives value to the whole. Our individual experiences become a catalyst of many changes to that energy. At this vibrational level, we begin to absorb the world we find ourselves in, even within the womb. We are born in the clothing of promise until life disrobes us and then we become subject to human emotions, attachment, bonding, abandonment, suffering, pleasure, trauma, joy, sadness, and disappointment. We become a product of cause and effect. We are influenced by our environment and those who ‘people’ our experiences. We are magnets that attract a myriad of polarities from both negative and positive energies. We are grounded or off-balance depending on our perceptions, beliefs, relationships, boundaries, the safety of body, mind, and spirit. Social conditioning determines our power, self-confidence, and self-esteem, and is the place we decide if we are going to conform and be a follower, or lead our own life and express our uniqueness as our greatest gift to others and the world. It forms our consciousness, eternal self, and core character. We develop conditioned beliefs and expectations, and this is where we begin to orient ourselves to the rest of the world. This is our center of self-acceptance and the love of self and others. We either embrace love and compassion for self and others, and willingness to understand and forgive ourselves and others, or not. It is a process of perception and seeing all that we are at any given moment, and through thinking and analysis of our life data and experience, we may keep ourselves safe and on track.

We create our lives through our conscience and intentions as a work of art or as a disaster and have the choice of how we use this power. We can choose how we process our experiences, either truth, and integrity, or deception and dishonor. We may choose to live in the past or the present. We can seek validation and can adopt the archetypal patterns of those who ‘peopled’ us, or not. Thought and action are simultaneous and are in correlation with our will. Finally, it is our place that roots us solidly in our lives and frees us to make any choice within our lives. Change is not found outside but is a creation within. It is about letting go of who you are not. Forgive yourself, and if you are able, try to forgive those who have caused you pain. Remember, they were fallible human beings like us all. Perhaps they struggled with their past hurts, and the only real “expertise” they held in parenting is what they learned from their parents or guardians. It will not change your past, but it will change your future. Your thoughts impact what you feel, which, in turn, affects how you act. One can be a victim or a survivor. The skills developed to adapt to dysfunctional or abusive experiences in the past become maladaptive core obstructions of our daily lives causing us to resist and sabotage anything positive and keeps us stagnant and off-balance.

We are not touched so much by life’s events themselves, but by the view, we choose to take of them.” — Epictetus.

A New Beginning:

Go back to the time before ‘life’ disrobed you and you were pure energy. Seek the vibrational level of when you were infinite wisdom and possibility, and no less than an extension of the Divine. Revisit this place where you are free from the attachment of the negative energy that painful experiences may have once held you captive. Here, you can take responsibility for your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors and are no longer a victim but a survivor. You may have been a victim and was helpless then, but that is no longer the case. Encapsulate the strength it took to survive and the compassion and unique insight you gained from those experiences. Take charge of your life and care for yourself with respect and dignity. This life waits to flow through you, and its mysteries and magic can be visible in every object and living thing. Nothing is static here, and your purpose is to express your energy in infinite ways. This is the raw energy and emanating light from your soul that has always been and always will be. Here, you are pure and unfiltered. This is where your enlightenment resides. This is home.

© Literary Remains

14 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. Perfect. I know you. Your words speak to my greater truth. I have, as of recently, gone through a great undoing. And it felt as though I could die, if I chose to. It was a moment of decision, and I chose life. And that is when a great emptying began. Every belief I adobted in order to satisfy another was drained away and I came face to face with myself. And you know what? I had forgotten how beautiful I Am. Thanks for sharing! ❤️

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