When the old rear the new
no door can remain closed
and none can be a stranger
we live, love, and finally die
cradle of birth and of death
past, present, ebb, and flow
ancestral spirit, kindred old.

© Literary Remains

2 thoughts on “Lineage

  1. What a concise and deep poem. You have captured so many truths here about education, heritage and ancestry. Trans-generation relationships are so important in a life. I feel our modern societies have lost this wise outlook. A lot of psychological problems often stem from this lack of family or generational relationships. We can find a grandparent in any older person. African villages, among other cultures, revolve around these relationships. All adults rear all children and affinities often arise outside the biological nest. Unfortunately, by moving to cities, we lose those tightly knit communities, and I think it is a mistake. We should try and recapture them. The world would be a better, safer place.
    Have a nice, sunny I hope, day.

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    1. Thank you for your thoughtful and in-depth comment. You are absolutely right in what you say. We are designed to form an attachment to others, as it helps ensure survival, better mental and physical health, and is meant to keep people together, foster stability, whether a couple, a family, a community or a nation.


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