Until You Return

I was once a stray —
and I will wait for you,
until you return home to me.

You found me at a time when
I was cast to the side for
pure of dog breed
and past.

I always sheltered my heart
so it could not be seen
by cold eyes
and cruel hearts
when I was abandoned,
then imprisoned —
my cage door rarely opened.

People walked by daily —
barely noticing how
I wagged my tail
for them…
until one day
it stopped.

It stopped…
when I saw friends leave —
some to new homes and families,
while others were put to sleep,
never to wake again.

I wondered, always wondered —
when it would be my time to sleep.

Then one day you came —
I remember it was a Saturday…
and you saw in me something
more precious than any
jewel or coin.

Your eyes were not cold like the others —
you smiled at me and then I wagged
once, then again
as you opened the door
to my cage and sheltered heart.

That was the day you became my world…
I remember it was a Saturday.

I was once a stray —
and I will wait for you,
and wag for you again.

© Literary Remains

25 thoughts on “Until You Return

  1. Oh, My God! What a fantastic masterpiece, My Friend! You brought tears to my eyes and a warm and wonderful joy in my heart! May I please, please implore you to contact the organization that runs rescue shelters across America and ask them to “adopt” your poem as there official poem and to use it in their marketing material! Please!!
    I am so very honored to have had the privilege of reading your post, Dear Friend!!!


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