Frozen on the tower roof,
a stone-faced guardian
peers down into the
seething shadows
of life below.
With stiffened
claws, he grips
the ledge between
his still-folded wings.
The cloud canopy covers
the fierce despair of
twisted limbs and
glaring eyes.
He waits,
and watches
the bloodshed
far below…
far below…
hearing the screams
of humanity as they slay
their very own.
His perfect justice
would destroy us all,
were he truly alive.

© Literary Remains

6 thoughts on “Gargoyle

  1. This reminds me of the gargoyle characters in the film “I, Frankenstein.” (One of my favorites because of how the main character was portrayed.) We may cry for justice…but justice is blind, and we may be found guilty ourselves.

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