Drinking Poetry

I am unable to Poe
and wanting to Plath
as I listen in darkness
to Longfellow’s serenade
drinking absolute
torch and Twain
as Ayr’s bard Burns,
like Dante’s Inferno
sliding down…
down… my throat
ere a chilly Frost,
while daring to walk
on The Road Not Taken
with Tolkien’s Hobbits
running Swift and Wilde…
Sexton coughs, “Live or Die!
and Cohen croons, “Hallelujah!
until the night is over and Donne.

© Literary Remains

71 thoughts on “Drinking Poetry

  1. For me, the cleverness lies not so much in how many literary references you managed to fit into this piece, but in the way it still reads well if I pretend there are no references at all. Nicely Donne!

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    1. I like your blog. There’s much wisdom shared in there. I especially liked, “don’t take our word for it… do what we do, trust your own experience, and see what happens.”

      It’s perfect as it makes each person accountable for their actions, failures, and success…. rather than blame/give credit to some force outside us (i.e. religion) 🙂

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