Song Of The Sea

It’s a song that journeys
in the wake of a wind.
Maritime psalms —
amid spin-drifts’
rolling waves;
the ballads
from far
and far away.
Minuscule shards
blanket the seabed —
honing and smoothing
the sea glass treasures
of eloquence. Starfish
pulsing and tracing
their fingers
in the sand —
saltwater bathes
those living below
in vast pink coral caves.
A sacred communing —
live urchins, crab,
barnacles and shrimp.
In a sapphire depth,
the dolphin ballet —
there, they pirouette,
whistle, and click.
Octopus newlyweds
entwine one another,
ribboned tentacles spun —
here, are ancient souls;
whales in tribal pods
serenading the sea
with their melody
of soft refrain.
A kelp forest;
sea rays with
long white wings,
gliding over canopy —
beneath; seals, otters,
sea turtles, jellyfish too,
dancing to the song of the sea.

© Literary Remains

2 thoughts on “Song Of The Sea

  1. I enjoy your references to nature, your ability to describe it complete as a descriptive sketch with color, density with a shared intimacy about the relationship. A warm relationship. Words such as these, in my opinion, can light up certain recesses of the mind giving entry to other worlds. ….. My spiritual ‘place’ is along the coastline of the Great Lakes of Michigan along the northern coast of Lake Huron the third largest of the five Great Lakes fresh water seas from ancient glaciers scourged the earth, melted, grew magnificent pine forests, the ‘lakes’ are inland seas containing twenty percent of the fresh water in the entire world, crystal clear with life and movement and sound where dreams still inhabit my life and I live in parallel universes. thanks! ks

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