Seeking Wisdom

Once upon a place in time,
from a distant forgotten land –
there, upon a mountainside,
dwelt a very wise old man.

I began to search for him,
it took me many years –
walking amid ancient land
despite my growing fears.

So when I had found this man,
my questions began to flow –
but for every question asked,
he answered, “I do not know.”

I replied, “I’ve searched for you!
Seeking wisdom without end –
a journey that took me places,
I otherwise, would not transcend.”

“I faced dangers beyond belief,
but somehow, made it through –
I often fell, only to rise again,
on this endless quest for you.”

The old man said, “Wisdom?
From the beginning, and ever been –
comes not from any land afar,
but destinations from within.”

© Literary Remains

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